Portia takeing over the world.

I was watching Discovery Channel last night and it was a documentary about spiders. And at the end they show a Portia. The Portia was trying to catch a smaller spider that was in it web. The problem was that the web was to thing to support the the weight of Portia. So the Portia started start tapping the web simulating a fly captured on the web. But the small spider realized that is not a fly and started shaking the web violently (this is a way to intimidate the predators). The Portia apparently give up and walk away. But... after a appear on the top of the net and start diving in to the small spider from above hanging from it's own string. In the final the mission was a success. He captured his prey. So as you can see this spider is very smart. It is to smart for the size of his brain. I think is even smarter than a mouse. When was the last time you seen a mouse make plans, except cartoons.
I was thinking that maybe we can make computers with spiders brain. I now it is inhuman but is for the good of the man kind.
So the idea is that if we will be able to tap in to the brain of a spider and connect him to a computer. Considering the fact that a brain is a adaptive neuronal network, we can make it resolve any problem with some training. This way will have a real biological neuronal network because a neuronal network is extremely hard to simulate on the computer. Connecting multiple cells like this based on spider brain we will create a supper cell that will be extremely smart. Maybe more smart then a human.
But the problem is that if we use spider brain for our computers, maybe at some moment the hunting instinct will kick back and we will get a big supercomputer that is wanting to hunt something. And guess what will be the most convenient prey ..... people !.

I am so scared.

Yap, I am kind of afraid of animals. I know it seems very funny but I am afraid of cockroaches, dogs, and other scary animals. To be sincere I am kind of afraid of all kind of animals including spiders, but this didn't stop me collecting them.
But what scarer's me most are usually dog's. Why ? Because seems that are a lot of dogs without a master around here. Yap. Today I go to buy some food and I had surprise to find a dog in front of my door. I live at the 7th floor, that's where I found it. A small black dog that's seems kind of friendly, but when he approached me I get kinda of scared. After he barked at me I really get scared. He seems to be as scared as me but ... I was to stupid to realize that. I manage to get to the elevator and ran away :P
When I was coming back I get scared again that the beast will kill me so I have decide to get a real weapon ! I stop at my car and get a crowbar form it. Normally that I meat some neighbors in on the way up. I don't want to describe there faces when they see me with a crowbar in my hand. I really looked like Max Pain reedy to kill somebody. I exit the elevator and the dog was nowhere to be seen.
"Oh... so it is an ambush ... " I was thinking while holding my crowbar.
Finally I see him just in front of my door, so I had to fight. It didn't have were to go so it was cornered. I approach him and he run toward me... "I am dead" I was thinking... :) and got behind me and run away ...
I open unlock my door very fast and enter my apartment, look behind and the dog seems to want to enter my house. I slam the door and look it up. Starting laughing ... "I am safe now".
After I eat, I get the rest of the food put it in a plastic box and give it to him. After thet I get my camera and take a picture of it.
Here's beast that he didn't want to eat his food.

So, you see... is really terrifying ... or terrified... I don't know. But maybe we can be friends.

Gambling on web's, is that legal ?

Spooky. Did I mention that I manage to get the page rank 2 Google with this blog ?
I didn't imagine that. Seems that that are some people that are interested in spiders. But not to many unfortunately. But I am intending to change that.
I found out lately that in Japan they organize spider fights. Yes you heard me, SPIDER FIGHTS. Is a championship between spiders. Seems that is a old tradition that they respect it. I didn't know until now about that but I am so glad that I am not the only one that likes spiders. Maybe a can organize something like this here. Right now my house is crawling with spiders so I think it will be really fun to watch.
But I am wondering if this is legal ? Should I ask my attorney about this. The dog fight are illegal so I guess that also the this ones can be illegal. Anyway what I am intending to do is to make bets who will win. I hope I can make some money gambling on my spiders. It will be really fun. I already imagine a big room full with people that screaming and betting. I really hope I will not get in trouble for this, first I should check with my lawyer because first I have to find if is legal to gamble and make bets, because I know that for all kind of gambling and bets I have to own a casino or something like that. And second I don't know if I go to jail for letting little tiny animals to suffer. At least the god part is that the spiders can sue me, I hope.

BTW: I know my English it sucks but ... is legal to misspell words :) Check my other blogs and you will underspend why.